Introducing for the first time ever to the 45th annual Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off event…


Mosquito Pass

Mosquito Pass is a Colorado Springs based country band specializing in classic covers, and award winning originals. With 4 songwriters, 5 vocalists, and 6 members, they bring a lot to the table. Rich Owen, the current lead singer, is an Air Force veteran who has performed for many large crowds and loves paying tribute to veterans.

Each member has seen musical success in other groups or on their own, but have chosen to come together to revive country music here in Colorado. Using the 2020 pandemic as an excuse to really hunker down and perfect their craft, they entered 2021 with an unbeatable sound. They are experiencing an amazing summer of constant performances, and they couldn’t be happier. 

Make sure you catch them live and experience the country sound that has been missing in your life.


 Sk1lyte is an Electronic Pop duo that brings a new form of energy to the stage while redefining the boundaries of the genre formed by vocalist Devon Judge and DJ Zach Yenor. The duo met while serving in the United States Army at Fort Carson where the twenty-three-year-old soldiers soon discovered their passions for music together. Judge was a former bassist for Modern Day Hero before going into the military. 
While Sk1lyte was inspired by Twenty One Pilots and The Chainsmokers, Sk1lyte’s sound is distinct with it’s swirling synthesizers and erratically chopped and pitched vocalizations. The drum patterns provide a pop sensibility to their records, and songs like their debut single “Really Live Life,” show the chemistry these two have already. 
Sk1lyte is currently finishing up the debut EP and are excited to share their work with you as soon as possible!



Missy and the Dirty Secrets
Missy and the Dirty Secrets is a female fronted rock group featuring Missy Cowan on vocals, from Colorado Springs. They perform music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.
The band frequently plays in the Colorado Springs area so follow them on Facebook to catch them live!



 CrystalEyez is an Indie Rock Band with a Latin flair. From jazz to grunge, the diverse musical background of this 6-piece band fuses together bringing you flashbacks of classic rock swirling in jazz and blues with an alternative sound.  Their original songs like, “Broken Heart” and “The Choice” are sure to take you on a kaleidoscope voyage. They bring a CrystalEyez’d sound to covers from The Black Keys and ZZ Tops to Haley Reinhart and Grandson.

Angela Layman, Benjamin Rathke, and Jaime Rasura, first crossed paths due to their love of music in a company band.  Inspired to keep the groove going, they joined forces with Jenn Freeman, Scott Layman, and Bill Walbaum. Thus, CrystalEyez was born. From acoustic melodies to funky jams, you’re sure to have a great night with them. Their only rule: dance like no one is watching.It’s time to get CrystalEyez’d!