Balloon Rides | Rainbow Ryders

Embark on your early morning adventure

as you check in with at the Rainbow Ryders’ tent located on the field of Memorial Park. From there, you’ll be escorted to the launch field where the inflation process of your balloon begins, giving you the opportunity to witness the gentle giants come to life.

Once your balloon is inflated and ready to go, you will be lifted off the ground to fly among the many balloons participating in the event. Your flight will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Make sure to bring your camera, as you will embark upon a unique journey with breathtaking views!

After landing, enjoy a celebratory toast and flight certificate to commemorate your aeronautical adventure. You will also be driven back to the festival grounds in a Rainbow Ryders’ chase vehicle.


Wheelchair Accessible Flight 

Welcome to an experience that knows no bounds at the Labor Day Lift Off Hot Air Balloon Festival! We are thrilled to offer an inclusive adventure that embraces the freedom of the skies for everyone. Picture yourself gently rising above the festival grounds, surrounded by the vibrant hues of dawn, as your hot air balloon gracefully takes flight. Our commitment to accessibility means that everyone can revel in this breathtaking experience. Our specially designed accessible balloon basket with a professionally installed 4-point harness ensures that wheelchair users can comfortably and safely join in the excitement of ballooning.

The balloon has space for one chair and 2-3 guests, depending on weight.

Safety First

We look forward to seeing everyone Labor Day Weekend, and want everyone at the event to have a safe and memorable experience. Below are some safety tips and important information for all attending this year’s Labor Day Lift Off.

  • Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Ride Company, safety is the number one priority! We have been in business for 40 years and have maintained an impeccable safety record throughout that time, which has allowed us the privilege of being the official balloon ride operator for many major hot air balloon festivals.
  • Hot Air Balloons are aircraft certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), annually inspected, and operations are regulated. Balloon pilots hold an FAA Lighter-than-Air certificate limited to airborne heater. The pilots must have a current certificate, completed biannual flight reviews, and annual safety courses.
  • Before launching, pilots will participate in a weather briefing where the FAA weather services and other weather instruments to determine conditions to provide data to make the fly or no-fly decision. Hot air ballooning is a weather-sensitive sport. We ask for your understanding if a flight must be cancelled due to weather.
  • Prevailing weather and winds may postpone or delay ballooning. It’s the Event Balloonmeister’s decision to determine if the larger parameters meet FAA requirements for safe balloon flight operations, but it’s each pilot’s responsibility to determine whether it is safe to fly their own unique aircraft, equipment, given passengers and crew. The pilot’s decision is final.
  • Beware of vehicles moving around the field, especially emergency vehicles needing to get through the crowd.
  • Do not leave your children unattended. Hold their hand when looking up at balloons in the sky. They can disappear quickly.
  • Do not smoke on the Launch Field – it is a safety issue due to the propane
  • Do not step on or over any ropes attached to the balloons – again it is a safety issue
  • Please do not touch any balloon equipment without asking the pilot or crew.
  • Stay away from and clear of operating inflator fans near the balloons